Friday, September 25, 2009

Discrimination of women – Who’s responsible?

Whether we like it or not discrimination of women still exits wildly. It ranges from occasional banter at the work place to the more criminal offenses involving the ultimate crimes. I honestly think and believe that women should not to be discriminated on any grounds. Woman like man should be given the opportunity and freedom as they wish to have.

Usually, any discussion about the reasoning for the oppression or discrimination of women with a girl or woman would almost turn out to be animated or emotional. At the very start itself all the blame would be placed fair and square on the men as a whole. But then with second thoughts they would dilute the argument to say that not all man are bad, but still at large they would conclude that men are the very reason for all this discrimination. Its funny at times the striking similarity they have when it comes to the style of arguments to vilify men. My latest discussion was with a fanatic feminist novelholic ( new term patented by yours truly ;)), she for one has been reading too many novels based on the Arab world and quotes all her arguments based on those books, which are all supposed to be real life stories. Unfortunately she always misses the point that some of this involves a certain element of dramatization, when it comes out as fiction. All though I do not deny completely the fact that woman are treated in notoriously bad ways in some of these countries.

Then of course I have had the “privilege” of having the greatest feminist very close to me from the time of my birth itself. She is a vocal critic and an expert exponent when it comes to handling the cause of discrimination to her advantage, all though in recent times, I see a more subdued approach from her especially after managing to prove her wrong at least a few times.

There are always a few points that I try to tell these ladies and usually they are in no mood to listen to this part of the story since they are with a preconceived idea that all men are chauvinist pigs. So I thought of putting it down on this blog and let them read probably they might start to see from the reverse angle too.

The first thing is that actually women are the enemies of women. Whether we like it or not women are at the root of discrimination of woman, in a very high number of cases. For example look at the cases of dowry, women who they themselves who would have suffered because of the problem of dowry when they were young haunt their daughter-in-law with the demand for dowry. Of course there is no denying that the man who is asking for the dowry is mostly acting to be a slave and clearly portraits his own weakness of being a vegetable without any self confidence of leading his life on his own. The main point missed by women in this cases is that discrimination is caused by a fellow woman.

Secondly, if you look at the cause for having so many men with superiority complexes, I would say that at home and at schools women are taught and shown to be inferior by women teachers and mothers. So these girls grow up with the inherent mind set of being inferior and then on the other hand the boys are bought up with the superiority complex. Its simple, "As you sow so shall you reap".

So atleast when you say women are discriminated please do not place all the blame just only on men, remember that women too aid and abet this crime and a larger proportion of the real power of eliminating the discrimination from the society lies in the hands of women.

Most importantly I hope and pray these feminist will not grow older to become the people who would sow the seeds of discrimination or use the word of discrimination to black mail the innocent men who get caught in there hands. Lol


So Called Feminist Novelholic said...

First of all, I did stress that this is not a good subject to discuss with a 'good' boy like you, right at the BEGINNING OF THE CONVERSATION. Now don't get all excited about being called 'good' lol. It literally means that I have not found you to be discriminating females as of now.

Now about these so called Novels... you absolutely cannot call them 'Fiction'. They are based on biographies, histories, etc... Hence it's non-fiction!! Maybe there is a certain element of dramatization... so you choose to put it down to a big drama than believe in the atrocities of what women are suffering in the middle-east??? Fine there might be nothing we can do, but it does show that women are discriminated to a scary extreme. I could give you 100s of examples and tell why women are publicly humiliated and all that... but you my dear child put that down to 'corrupt stories'. So I shall wait till you're grown up and old enough to put forth such arguments.

I would say your arguments about demands for dowry and mothers making their sons feel superior are true but this is something that was in a society a long time ago. It does seem to be diminishing fast as women are educated and becoming more independent.

Ok now I need to get ready for a movie.. so I'll write later... I may have more to write lol

yaalini said...

You have doubted the “privilege” word but not the phrase the greatest feminist

Interesting .....

sayanthan said...

Please note that all characters in this blog post are imaginary and any similarity to any known person(s) is nothing but a coincidence.

Self proclaimed feminist novelholic, Thanks for all that complements that you had made, saying that I am good and quiet rightly calling me a child. Having said that I think still you are missing the point I am trying to make, what I am trying to say is very simple, women aid and abet the nurture the discrimination of women. So please do not just keep on bashing only the men. Take up some of the blame and try to fix all the root causes in case if you want to really fix the issue.

Now look, even a film is more important to you than the great feminist cause? lol

Yaalini akka, do you want to tell that I am referring to you??? If the cap fits then I cannot help, please read the first sentence of this comment. lol

btw I would like to make a general comment, that when I type these in a hurry I very often make a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, specially having the punctuation marks at the wrong places.

'Saya' Proclaimed Feminist Novelholic said...

The 'insignificant' root causes are being fixed cause women actually get an education and are becoming more independent (Again, it was men who didn't allow women to get an education... even in the west a woman was derogatorily called a 'blue stocking' if they rebelled and got an education... which spells out discrimination!!).

So women will change and will not nurture the discrimination of her own kind. But you see the problem is, women didn't have control of this situation... for example in the old Indian society, a woman was under the control of her Father, then Husband and then Son. Men took total control. So it looks more like MEN demand without question that their sons be brought upto think they're superior. Women just had no choice!!

So it's better to alter your ideas that Women are MORE responsible for the plight they face at the hands of men.

Also... I keep telling you... this is NOT about men being superior in simple day to day life!! The issue is that women are abused traumatized by some men around the world!!

And see... you're trying to intimidate me by saying '...a film is more important to you than the great feminist cause?'. YOU SEE.... I will very well do whatever pleases me!!! :D

sayanthan said...

now look, if you try to call what I said is an intimidation, then one would wonder if your eloquent usage of terms like discrimination, traumatized, abused, humiliated, atrocities are also similar

I think now you had come to a stage where you accept that women are too a cause for discrimination of her kind( as you call it :D), although you still call it as insignificant, that's some progress from your standards! lol

btw why not consider writing under your own name than to be making anonymous posts... at least the world will know that you spoke for your

Do you ever give up?? said...

No I am NOT at a stage where I accept women are the total cause of discrimination. This is what YOU're trying to point out and I still stick to my vocabulary of how I refer to man's treatment of women. It's not exaggeration. You my dear child need to open your eyes to bigger things.
Writing my name here is not going to stop discrimination or the injustice to women.

LOL said...

Nice to see point taken and the case at rest :-) :-) :-)

sayanthan said...

hehe you are day dreaming LOL, anyhow thanks for reminding me the fact that I forgot to publish my response last time.... Please read my comment before arguing back.. i had not said that neither me or you need to accept the fact that women are TOTALLY responsible for the discrimination. What I had said there is the fact that a fair share of responsibility lies with women themselves. So you are not expected to come to a stage where you accept that women are totally responsible.

btw if you want to continue evaluating everything by using whether if that particular thing shall stop discrimination of woman..then god bless know when people do not want the world to see there faces or names, in English we can refer those acts with strange terms..anonymous is the most simplest terms but the others might be little bit more

JK said...
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JK said...

Damn too big of a topic for me to comment ... So I can comment on da writing ha ;)

This is probably the third worst "hypothetical" English writing I ever come across ... Simplify your writing maite .. that'll reach many more.

The two worst writings ? .. Bill Clinton's "My Life" ... Jeyamohan's all da writings ...

Read "The Namesake" or "Unaccustomed Earth" .. I learned(rather forced) to write simple (I never had the vocab to write as u do anyway)..

Hope u take on wit a gud sprit !

sayanthan said...

Thanks JK for the constructive criticism ..... btw I knew something was wrong in that writing that I did...but none of the others pointed it out...I read it again and figured out what you said...will try to simplify the next time I write. Thanks again!

btw I didn't read The Namesake, but I watched the movie. Actually I watched it accidentally and I didn't know the name of the movie..after watching it, I did a google for the name gogol and found the movie name. Till now I didn't know that it was based on a book. Let me read it and comment.

JK said...

I have the book with me ... If u can't find it, I cn give it to someone comes there .. As usual the book is a different territory altogether compared to movie .. I like da movie too .. but no way near to da book.

The book almost influenced my decision to come back to Singapore :)

sayanthan said...

The movie moved me a lot...

Thanks JK, Let me check here and let u know if I cannot find the book