Monday, September 14, 2009

The wake up call

I was just reading the book called as “The Monk who sold the Ferrari”, I was left captivated by the beauty of the flow of it and the easiness with each the author relates the pieces of wisdom.

It starts of with a character portrayal of a litigator, but I am pretty sure some of the IT people like me would see a striking resemblance to our own lives too, although we might have not reached such pinnacles or fame as of that character, we might have already hit the negatives. The book was successful in pulling some of the most sensitive codes in my system. I felt like it was timely reading when I was in a deep personal slumber and complacency!

The good thing about the author Robin Sharma was that he didn’t leave me with questions instead had left me with a lot of instructions and answers. I see it as a much diluted version of the Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda; I see this as a better reading for a layman like me to start with. He had made sure that the text is positioned in such way, where the noble pieces of wisdom from the mystic land of east is swallow-able even for a westerner. I loved some of the concepts he talks about starting from Loving ones self, Goal setting, Opposition thinking, enjoying the beauty of small thinking and of course training the mind.

I had read about design patterns – I mean the software ones, but reading this I felt as if the author was talking about the design pattern for once own life. Then again when he was talking about self – governance I felt as he was talking of managing once own life as a project. The good thing is that I didn’t get to read many things I didn’t know about but I was happy to get a swallow able dose of it at a single place. That is what I would suggest as the greatest strength of this book.

For anyone who wishes to read this, I would suggest to find quiet nice place where you will be alone. Ideally find a natural surrounding where your mind will be relaxed and open for exploration and then settle into a nice cozy place and start reading out the book loud. I am pretty sure that you will get caught in the charm of the sages of sivana and would end up reading the book from cover to cover and walk away with a refreshed and focused mind.

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