Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why do I write here?

During the past few weeks it has been totally uncharacteristic of me to keep away from all sorts of writing which includes blogs, diary….. I was trying to analyze my self to find out the reasons for this. Some probable excuses which came to my mind included,

Tied to work? Still caught in the obsession that I have with the new camera? Postponing the day to writings, so that I write something “monumental” than the usual grumbling like this post? Desperately wanted to write my first Tamil blog entry?

Whatever the excuses I tried to find deep inside I knew one thing for sure – something was wrong somewhere. Usually when I skip writing my diary note for too long I know that “sayanthan is out of his mind” (some may say that usually that’s the case always).

Being an introvert, I had always looked for energy in doing my scribbling. It’s not actually written for any audience. It’s more a way of pouring off some thing in the mind. It lets me think in a more systematic way and gives me some good time to question my own self, often the writing produce is controversial hence the majority of them end up in the dustbin/recycle bin after I had read it for a few times, only a few which doesn’t make little or no controversy end up here.

In any case if you have read this blog you would have realized that it’s a sense less post without anything interesting, that is because my posts are not written for an audience other than myself. ;)

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JK said...

Couple things about the topic mate..

Writer Sujatha once told, diaries written with keeping in da mind that they would be read by others some day either in da form of autobiography or as they are.Think abt "Letter to his daughters" ... Do u believe Nehru just written to Indira. It was meant for everbody I presume.

The next thing is about delaying writing. Its a strange feel. I always delay writings believing to comeup with something special later. But it never happens. Its just that we create some reputation of writing something gud and we love to hold it for ever .. so we start worrying abt publishing something stupid.

BTW I don't need any logical defending(I knw u will). Just try to absorb wht I am trying out here ;)