Saturday, July 25, 2009

TIPS for Vegetarian Travelers to Sri Lanka

Usually it’s very easy to find pure vegetarian (Eggs not considered as vegetarian but Milk considered as Vegetarian) food in Colombo. Areas like Bambalapitiya and Wellawatta have a vegetarian restaurant eating place every 100 meters. Usually the places are pretty clean, anyhow people who expect 100% hygene its better you choose the more expensive veg restaurants instead of the usual way side shops. For people who can afford little more and want a bit of more luxury can consider Shanthi vihar at Thunmulla junction, Food Waves at Hyde Park corner, Food waves at Nugegoda, Shanmugas outlet at the Crescat shopping Mall.

Any how my personal preferences are A1 Restaurant in Colombo 2, where it’s affordable for regular eating place and Food Waves at Nugegoda.

Watch Out For

Usually in Sri Lanka being vegetarian is a subjective thing and a lot of non-vegetarians claim to be one. So if you are trying to pick and choose vegetarian dishes at a non-veg place make sure you clearly verify if the dishes have maldive fish or not, in Sinhala maldive fish is referred to as “umbalakada”, any how be careful in pronouncing this word as if not pronounced correctly can sound awkward.In Tamil its called "masi".

If you are a vegan you might have to be extra careful to avoid the Milk related products at the vegetarian restaurants as its a common ingredient at Veg eating places.

If you are traveling out of Colombo then you would have limited options, unless you stay at a hotel which has veg dishes. Its better you communicate this before hand to the place where you are going to stay and according to your definition what you consider as Veg.

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