Friday, August 14, 2009

TIPS for Vegetarian Travelers to Philippines

Philippines is a place with nice polite people, anyhow its one of the hardest places for a vegetarian traveler. I had a nightmare trying to find veg food. After some patient menu reading I found a few dishes that I can survive with. Most of the restaurants serve plain rice with Japanese Tofu. I survived eating Tofu for 8 days in Philippines! I later found out another option for vegetarians, is to have some vegetables and mushrooms soaked in garlic syrup which is also served with plain rice. Then of course, if you need the odd things to crunch, you do not have to worry as at every corner you will usually find a seven eleven store.

If you want to find out whether if there are vegetarian dishes don’t hesitate to ask them, usually most of them speak English, atleast in Makati, and are really helpful. Anyhow watch out and read the menu item since at times they innocently assume that oyster syrup is vegetarian.


Vimalaharan said...

Hi Saayaa,

Why don't you advice the readers to carry Home-Made Onion Fry for the Journeys. Please do write about your other tactics as well.

JK said...

U meant Vegetarian food travelers or Vegetarian travelers ? !!! Both will struggle there I think ;) .. Any tips for later ?

sayanthan said... comments rofl

btw Vimal what other tactics????