Tuesday, June 2, 2009

panorama pics

I had become sort of addicted to taking panorama pics while I travel around. If I am to confess the reason why I bought this camera [Kodak M853] its actually because of three things(mainly),
1. Suits my limited budget
2. Has capability for night photography and shake free.
3. The talent of the sales person by showing me the panorama mode.

Now I feel that I had slowly staring to master it and here are some panorama pics taken in Singapore.


Double Bed Fan said...

You deliberately refrained from posting those double beds, didn't you?


Anonymous said...

Where is the room photo this time ????
No double beds ....??

Jeya said...

nice photos ..!!

Next time try to get sky and sea ..!!!

sayanthan said...

vani...y not moon and the ants???? rofl

btw seems that there are some visitors here...specially those in my friends list on FB.