Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seven Questions I Hate to Answer

1. What are you doing now?
A very ordinary question but while at the University I used to hate answering it, since my usual answer will be "I am at the university", which would 90% of the time lead to a question "Engineering?" and then when I answer "No Science" the look on the face of the questioner would turn sacastic and lead to a general discussion on the future of doing a Science degree. Later on I found a better answer to the first question itself, "I am doing a Science degree, since I was not good enough to get into Engineering" (full stop)

2. Your ID says that you were born in Jaffna, has a Kandy address and now you are in Colombo, Explain?
I need to write an autobiography and give it to them if I am to answer this

3. Where are you?
A question asked with genuine concern , but when woken up from the deep slumber in the bus can be quiet annoying when you know that even if I look out of the window I will not be able to identify where the bus is currently traveling through.

4. Are you busy?
For god sake do not ask me this question, I feel embarrassed since usually I am

5. How was the paper?
When ever I finish an exam and come out I want to forget about it and get on with something else which is more fun and positive. This question reminds me of all the horrors. So my usual answer will be either "Printed on quality paper" or "Done, do we have anything else which is interesting"

6. Why are you coming here?
Outright a very rude question , I need to have been trespassing to deserve this question. If I had been bugging some one, then of course I deserve it. But funnily I had been asked this question a few times at the airport. Specially when this question is asked from me when I get down from a midnight flight I always think that I should give an answer like "you dumb idiot, check my passport, I am coming back to my own country after a very short stay overseas and I don't need answer this question like a foreigner"..... attitude attitude attitude of some of our government officials cannot even be changed in their tombs.

7. What is your confidence level?
Started to hear this question more recently. When asked I have a big problem in giving a value, since at most times I cannot find any rationale to answer this question. Personally when asked in isolation as part of making a decision I used to think that it was a very dumb question. At least if this is asked along with an opportuity for the reasoning of the confidence level I feel a bit better in answering.

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Vimalaharan said...

Hi Saya,
It was quite interesting. Luckily i never had much friends or I haven't met much people like u did. I escaped from it most of the time due to that.
I hope u meet more of this sort of people in the future. Then we can expect this sort of blogs in the future.