Monday, February 22, 2010

Kasurina Beach

Kasurina beach at Karainagar in the Jaffna peninsula is arguably the best beach in Sri Lanka. Its on of those places naturally gifted and luckily left untouched and unspoilt upto now.

Its white sand beach surrounded by palm trees. The water is very shallow for around 100 meters from the shore making it ideal for a safe dip or two in the ocean
Last few months as a team we have been caught in the obesssion of blue ocean strategy and our set of guys ended up trying to make out different tag lines for the beach, some wanted to call it the ideal blue ocean, others wanted to call it the uncontested beach, few more wanted to call it the untouched beach, then we had a smart cookie who wanted to call it the virgin beach!
Those who want to visit it make sure that you take care to make sure that you dont behave in such way that it spoils the beauty of the gift of mother nature!

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