Monday, April 7, 2008

Student Strikes - On facebook

The other day I was speaking to a foreigner and I fell into an awkward position trying to explain the concept of student strikes in the Sri Lankan universities, which was quiet alien to him, he said "I do not understand the concept of student strike, they are supposed to be at the university at the tax payers expense to study, so why do they strike?".

He continued, if studying is not their priority then they must be freaking students who should be kicked out. I am looking for answers to give him, if i am asked about this again?

Should I say we strike to cover up the sins of our fellow so called "colleague/s" against whom disciplinary action has been taken?

Should I say we our just pawns in a larger political board game?

Should I say that becoming a university student gives us the luxury of wasting the tax payers money at will and then demand for more?

Should I say that we have not prepared for the exam yet and strike is the device used to get the exams postponed?

or should I say that my university is closed because we ran out of toddy?

my intention is not to ridicule the learning organizations, but to make students think on a bigger scale and to make the students to break the shackles and come of out of the mental prison that they have been caged in by systematic brain washing.

I wrote the above and started a discussion on facebook, check out how this proceeds!

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