Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eating a humble pie or rather a thosai

Since my childhood days eating thosai was the last thing i wanted to do. Usually ammaa making a thosai was a reason for me to protest and turn the house upside down. Ammaa knowing this fact made sure that she made some alternative food for me when she made thosai for dinner for the rest at home.

But strangely when ever I come down to KL I am made to survive on thosai as thats the most pure vegetarian food that I could find! What a turn of fate, All my life I have been too selective and resisted eating the best thosai which could ever possibly made and now I am made to survive on a very bad version of it! Adding insult to injury I am learning the foolish "art" of eating thosai with folk and spoon, but probably the only positive that happened out of this was that I spent a very long time trying to eat it and eventually my mind started to wander into the past and think about the irony of me eating a humble thosai!

Ammaa surely would love this and would be laughing and would be wondering what has happened to all my demands. So probably to cover up my slip I should say that thosai in KL is tastier, but telling a lie is easier but putting it on paper is impossible.

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