Monday, May 17, 2010

A leaf from the Software Engineering text Book for the country

The software Engineering best practices prescribes that even when a small bug is deemed to be resolved by a developer,  the resolution should not be accepted at face value, specially without a a root cause analysis and appropriate test cases implemented to make sure that such scenarios are captured. The main concern is that they don't want the bug to be re-opened. Re-opened bugs are supposed to be frowned upon and any PM will usually make a big fuss of a re-opened bug.

When such care is taken in the software world for a bug, which is not life threatening at most times. I was wondering whether anyone is doing that to our own local issue.

Its been an year since the war has ended.  On the positive side we no longer shed blood in mass scale. Bombs(at times even human bombs) doesn't any longer go off in Colombo, fighter jets no longer does carpet bombings in its own country, people no longer die without knowing which sides bullet they were killed by. Its indeed a very positive change in that sense.I honestly wish the current status quo continues forever.More than that wish that just wishing could make sure that this will continue.

I see that as a nation we had become lethargic about the larger issue at hand and almost concluded that the absence of war as the end of all the problems. During the course of the year we were pre occupied with election tamashas, political soap operas and then of course all the cricket, pushing actions of national reconciliation out of limelight.  We have forgot that this is a conflict that has been going on for decades and thousands of Sri Lankan youth thought that it was a cause, noble enough, to pay the ultimate price for whichever side they believed in. Most importantly end of war I dont think has solved the underlying concerns.

I know some of you out there should be wondering that this guy is trying to create an issue out of no where. Just let me take a simple case to show that the divide is still there.

Usually news papers try to position the stories to please their reader base. The bottom line is that the news paper is a business entity and in order for it to be successful it should supply to the demand. So in a sense the pulse of the society is usually reflected in how the newspapers position the stories. On any typical day take Sri Lankan news papers of all three languages and just by checking the first page itself the completely contradicting voices between the Tamil and the other two language papers would become clearly evident.

I will take the most recent Sunday news papers and show you how divided we are,

 Sunday Times [English Weekly] - Headline item 

Sunday Observer [State run English Weekly] - Head line Item

Virakesari [Tamil Daily] - Headline Item

Uthayan [ Tamil Daily - A regional newspaper for North and East ] - I think this was the headline

Just Check how varied the perspectives are and funnily what appears as headlines in the English newspaper is not even in the foot note of the Tamil papers and vice versa. Just imagine how the difference will be if we take into consideration the Sinhala news papers too.

Now this doesn't mean that we need to impose restrictions and bring back censor, instead we should do a root cause analysis and fix the issues. So that these issues are never re-opened again.


JK said...
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JK said...

Some bugs/tweaks create added advantage to certain users and if those users are the majority who use the system, then the bug handling becomes entirely different.

In this case, in the internal Bugzilla they already marked the status "WON'T FIX", but they still keep promising the minority users that "We still investigating the issue, a team is assigned, blah blah". Anyway for majority, they don't care, let alone the advantages of course.

Then what can those affected users do? They can simply push the vendors to fix it? Once tired, they can even try to malfunction the system to show their existence and importance. Then of-course those users will be blocked to use the system. Finally the minority users will be left with two choices.
1) Either digest the bug and live with it. After all users never had/have any say.
2) Try to use different system where the bug doesn't exist or exist with minimum impact.

Last week, I was talking to my friend here. I said, "this is insane. Life is not fair". She simply told me, "who did ever say Life is fair first of all" .. that's the irony ... live with it...

Avoid facebook for next few days if you heartfelt and embarrassed !

JV said...

If the bug is annoying for the majority of the people or the PM thinks it should be fixed or a comity like SEI have to come for a CMMI audit... then it will be fixed....
So wait until that ...!!
But When ...? GOK ..!!!!