Thursday, June 19, 2008

Google , Yahoo and Microsoft does it matter to me?

Skimming through the news papers I was in a rude shock to see that Google is coming to Yahoo's rescue at the face of a hostile bid from Msft. This made me wonder why people say that there aren't any permanent fores or friends only in politics, business at the highest level is also seeming to be making strange bedfellows.

The history behind this present situation is very interesting and plenty has been written about it and analyzed about these three companies, Google, Yahoo and Msft. Msft has been the forefront of providing user friendly but proprietary OS and its chairman has been topping the worlds richest list since Msft became a household name in the early part of 90's.

Yahoo, had its humble beginnings as ones hobby went onto become mother of all Internet based companies established itself in the forefront of Internet marketing, till the emergence of a start up in the name of Google, who fought a rough battle with Yahoo and incidentally dethroned it from its established position to become the leader. The tactic of having contextual marketing and along with it a more powerful search algorithm against a business that was already established.

Being just another observer of this battle for some time I have my own thoughts on the matter. I had always been mesmerised by the rise of the Google and happy to see that it is a good example of how simplicity can succeed even in the very dynamic business environment, specially its simplicity in interfaces and the meteoric rise it has gone through from its humble beginnings had always been things that I had been interested about. Any how personally does not like the idea of yahoo being brought under its wings, if we are to have a sustainable Internet market probably we need a healthy competition and not a monopoly. Only in that case will be the users like us will be befits from the occasional spills they make in the event of cut throat competition. I can remember the way the web mail account size suddenly started to burst and come to age! That happened for no other reason than competition.

But on the other hand yahoo falling pray to Msft is worse than that! So probably from a users perspective I would love to see the mooted partnership between yahoo and Google might be the best for us, as its obvious that yahoo is not in a position to convince its investors unless it comes up with some sort of a viable strategy to generate sufficient cash in the fore see able future.

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