Thursday, December 20, 2007

new features in mysql 5.1 for DBA's

Hi all,

The MySQL candidate release for 5.1 and has been available for some time and it is packed with plenty of new features and Going through the new features I found the following features interesting;

Feature 1: partitioning

If you are in to developing or maintaining data warehouses partitioning could be used to increase the performance by many folds. The beauty of it lies in the fact that you need not do any changes to the application!

However it has some sever limitations and it also should not be considered to be a cure for all illnesses.

I think its even better to know the limitations of partitioning in 5.1 before considering to use it, read the following to get to know the full list of limitations,

Feature 2: mysqlmanager

As promised mysql has come up with a common program to handle multiple servers, both remote and local in the same way. Is also a replacement or rather a much better replacement to the perl script - mysqld_multi. The installation can be a bit tricky, but after getting that done it works like a charm!

check the following link if you are interested in trying it,

Feature 3: log tables and logging

The logs can be directed to tables and the new option --log-output has been included to give the flexibility of choosing the between logging to file and logging to the tables.

The best thing that has happened with respect to logging is the feature to turn on and off logging without restarting the server, which is a feature most of the DBA's badly wanted.

If you are interested about the whole lot of new features in mysql 5.1

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