Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Welcome - HOME : Vannakam

Hi all,

Welcome to BalaGowri blog,

This is a blog created to share the thought and ideas normally which deserves hours of discussion in our family living room or more frequently in my amma's kitchen [till we are chased away for disturbing amma's meticulous art of culinary!]

Just like our normal kitchen department discussions, I hope that anna , akka and myself will try to blog in a vast array of topics covering everything from family, language, politics, religion, history, fighting ,quarrelling, debating [ for which I am the undisputed king of our kitchen!] and why not accountancy, management , computing ,engineering , science and maths [ these educational areas will be exclusively covered by anna and akka, hence no requirement for any panic by the readers! ]

By the way the name of the blog is what you get when our amma and appa's names are merged together!

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